We offer fixed professional costs that reflect the knowledge and service we provide.

As part of the service we offer, we undertake various searches of the local Councils, the Land Titles Office and other relevant organisations for information about the property you are purchasing. There are various fees attached to these searches and there are also registration fees payable to the Land Titles Office.


You will need to budget for approximately $800.00 in fees and disbursements in addition to our professional costs (see below for further information on our professional costs).

This includes a fee of $233.18 to register the transfer of the property into your name/s, together with relevant title, rates, council, property information and land tax searches.

In addition, you have to pay a government tax known as Stamp Duty on any purchase of property in Tasmania. The Stamp Duty payable varies according to the purchase price and increases as the purchase prices increases. Click here for the Tasmanian Revenue Online (tro.tas.gov.au) to calculate the Stamp Duty payable.

Purchase Transaction Guide

  • Organise building and contents insurance to cover the new property.
  • Attend to connection of electricity, phone and gas at the new property
  • Notify change of address to relevant organisations (bank, insurers, doctors, telecommunications, electoral roll, etc)

Each conveyancing transaction is unique. Contact us to discuss the process and we can provide you with an obligation-free cost estimate for our professional costs.